Anglo-Nubian Society of Australia

Promoting & Supporting the Breeding, Keeping , Showing of Anglo-Nubian Dairy Goats

Celebrating over 50 years of Anglo-Nubian Breeding in Australia.


A newly compiled, first edition, comprehensive book of the History of the Anglo-Nubian Dairy Goat in Australia, covering the original imports through to the present day.

Over 50 pages with extensive colour and black and white photos, including photos of the original imported animals.

Never before has a book been researched and published in Australia of this calibre on the Anglo-Nubian Dairy Goat.

Be sure to get your copy soon.

50 years of Anglo-Nubian Breeding in Australia.

Send your cheque or money order for $45 to the ANSA Secretary

Mrs Shelley Johnson
451 Tinderbox Rd
Tasmania  7054

(Please make cheques payable to the Anglo Nubian Society of Australia)