Anglo-Nubian Society of Australia

Promoting & Supporting the Breeding, Keeping , Showing of Anglo-Nubian Dairy Goats

About Us

This site has been constructed to help promote the presence of the Anglo Nubian breed of dairy goat in Australia.

The Anglo Nubian Society of Australia has members in ,and is represented across all states of Australia.

Membership of A.N.S.A. gives you access to your State's Liaison Officer for the Asscoiation, notification of and invitations to Association meetings and entitles you to  our  newsletter which is jam packed with show results, news from around the country, tips for good goat health and loads of full color pictures and articles for you to feast your eyes on.

The Anglo Nubian breed of goat is generally known as a dual purpose animal in that it can be bred for it's meat and it's dairy qualities.

Anglo Nubian goats come in all sorts of colors from solid colors through to blankets, slashes, swirls and splotches in black, white and every shade of grey and brown that you can think of!

There are many Royal Agricultural shows and smaller agricultural shows across Australia where you can see Anglo Nubian breeders with their animals being judged alongside other breeders animals according to the breed standard.